Ex-sugar workers find holiday cheer with final severance pay-out

Former East Demerara Estate workers anxiously awaiting their severance payments at the Enmore Community Centre. (Department of Public Information photo)

The payment of the remaining 50% of severance to ex-sugar workers, which commenced around the country on Thursday, will help to ensure a “merry Christmas,” some proclaimed yesterday after receiving their cheques.

In October, the National Assembly approved over $2 billion in supplementary funds for the payment of the remaining severance to over 2,000 sugar workers who were laid off by the Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo).

According to GuySuCo, payments to the 2,201 ex-workers began on Thursday morning. They had been paid the first half of their severance earlier this year. When Stabroek News visited Enmore, East Coast Demerara yesterday, workers from the East Demerara Estate were collecting their cheques at the Enmore Community Centre. From as early as 9 am, workers slowly trickled into the community centre and about ten minutes after, left with broad smiles on their faces…..

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