Vigilance urged as robberies at Stabroek Market area soar

A view of the busy East Coast Demerara Route 44 mini bus park.

Despite security measures being put in place to curb the frequent robberies within the Stabroek Market and surrounding bus parks, commuters are advised to be alert. 

Recently, a number of persons walking in the area have become victims of petty robberies carried out by thieves loitering there. Hotspots for the robberies have been identified as the bus parks, the Demico pavements in the vicinity of the Kitty/Campbellville and Sophia bus parks, in front of the Stabroek Market, the Avenue of the Republic in the vicinity of the Commercial and Deeds Registry, and Robb Street.

Victims and others have recounted that the suspected robbers would observe the movements of potential victims before pouncing on them, after which they would quickly escape through the busy thoroughfare. In many cases, the muggers commit the act in pairs…..

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