Cancer patients in Barbados have trouble finding vital chemotherapy drugs

Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Barbados.

(Barbados Nation) Some cancer patients in Barbados are having difficulty sourcing vital chemotherapy drugs.

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) says there is no shortage, but there are problems with equipment which mixes the drugs and a temporary solution has been put in place.

Reports reaching the DAILY NATION indicated the hospital had run short of the required medication, with some people turning to Trinidad to source them.

Management at local pharmacy Collins declined to comment, while president of the Barbados Cancer Society, Dr Dorothy Cooke-Johnson, said they were offering assistance.

“We are aware the QEH is having difficulty with the medication so we have been providing some for a few patients, those we already have been assisting in some way. I do not know why this is happening as I have not enquired, but I hope it can be rectified soon. It’s too difficult a situation for a country to cope with, not to have chemotherapy drugs,” she said.

Hospital chairman Juliette Bynoe-Sutherland sought to allay any fears, saying the hospital was not short of drugs as this would be catastrophic.

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