Trinidad on alert for more heavy rains, flooding this week

Trinidad: Villagers walk through flooded waters at Helena last week.

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) A YELLOW alert is now in effect as adverse weather conditions are expected to last from today through Friday.

And widespread showers across the country has caused several communities to flood again.

And fears that the floods in south Trinidad could be disastrous.

According to Chairman of the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation Dr Allen Sammy, street flooding has occurred to Penal Rock Road near the public cemetery and along Scott’s Road.

Sammy said the rivers are not filled to capacity, however, should the rains continue, the watercourses will become filled and overflow.

He said the regional corporation is monitoring various areas and stands ready to take action to assist anyone if needed.

Some low-lying areas in San Fernando were also flooded.

However, for Sangre Grande Regional Corporation Chairman Terry Rondon said there is the fear that the flooding maybe repeated if the rain continues.

He said there was reports of strong winds along the Manzanilla/Mayaro Road which resulted in several galvanised sheet roofs of some homes which were blown off and thrown onto the roadways.

Rondon urged members of the public to proceed with caution on the roads.

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