Trinidad man killed by utility pole in Final Destination-like freak accident

Mervin Seaton looks at utility pole which claimed the life of his friend Urlic John who died in a freak accident at his Rousillac home after the pole collapsed and killed him on Monday afternoon.

Like a scene out of a Final Destination movie, Ulric John was standing roadside minding his own business when a utility pole was pulled down by a passing truck and swung in his direction.

John, 49, was struck in the chest and died within minutes.

The bizarre incident happened at 10.30a.m. on Monday at Virginia Avenue, Rousillac.

Like every other day, John had come to Rousillac to visit his mother Alena Baptiste.

Baptiste told the Express that her son came to meet someone about a job as he worked as a mason.

She said John parked his car near the house and standing on the opposite side of the home when a series of of events occurred.

Dead: Ulric John

Baptiste said for years she had complained to TSTT about a rotten utility pole which was never repaired near her home, where she operated a small shop.

She said a repair crew came to fix hanging lines along the main road when a truck became entangled with several hanging utility wires.

“With the force the truck pulled on the lines. The pole was pulled out and slingshot into the air and hit him,” said Marvin Seaton.

Seaton, who was walking home at the time, saw the swinging pole and tried to take cover, but was struck to his back by the pole.

He said: everything just happened so fast. I was really frightened then I heard someone bawling out.”

Baptiste, in tears, recalled hearing her son’s cry out in pain.

“He come out the car and I was going back inside. I saw him by the gate and thought that he was coming inside. When I turned back to watch him I see the pole going up to the sky and then bang. I say the pole fall on his car but when I look I see him holding his chest bawling “mammie come mammie come, I get lash”. I run out and I see blood in his mouth and told myself it might be something internal for him to have so much blood coming out his mouth. He was also missing a tooth.

We laid him down on the ground and took off his jersey. He wanted water, he wanted juice, we gave him, he sipped it and then he vomit out everything. We wet him down. And then they (paramedics) came and put him on the stretcher. I saw his chest swelling and his eyes rolling and I knew he was going,” said Baptiste.

John was the father of two teenagers, whom Baptiste said wanted to attended school.

She said: “They are very much heartbroken but they didn’t want to stay home. It is too much for them.”

Seaton also said that around that time, he usually picks up his one-year-old child and was thankful he did not have too, at that time.

Residents said that John’s death may have been prevented had the utility pole been repaired.

Baptiste said she was told that the truck driver who was entangled in the wires, did not flee the scene, but was on his way to make a report about the ripped lines.

In a brief and vague statement, TSTT said on Tuesday: “TSTT is currently investigating the unfortunate circumstances surrounding the incident in which Mr. John was injured and subsequently succumbed to his injuries. TSTT expresses sincere condolences to Mr. John’s family and assures that this incident will be thoroughly investigated. At this time, TSTT has no further comment as the investigation is in progress”.

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