Crassula commonly called the Jade plant originated in South Africa and spread across the world to Asia, Europe and USA hundreds of years ago.

Jade plants are succulents. They have the ability to store water in their leaves, stems and roots. They are easy and simple to grow.

Jade plants like sunlight or bright light to grow. There are approximately 1,400 types of Jade plants. They are considered symbols of good luck, prosperity and friendship. Many people enjoy growing them. I have noticed on my visits to Canada that most Chinese businesses and homes have them as good luck symbols along with Lucky Bamboo.

The most important factors to consider when growing Jade plants are water and light. Fertilize every two months with Miracle Gro All Purpose Plant Food. Do not allow them to dry out, make sure you give them enough water and they will reward you with beautiful growth of green shiny leaves.

My Jade plants are doing very well!

Until next week, Happy Gardening.

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