The poor practice of overdyeing plants

There was a variety of fresh flowers, fresh floral arrangements and potted plants on sale for Mother’s Day. Tropical blooms, imported flowers, orchids and potted plants were on the market competing with each other. I must say they all had their followers.

The aftermath of dealing with them comes with a headache especially for first-time shoppers who have little or no knowledge on how to care for them. All week, I have had calls and visits from people in distress over their new plants. 

I have always suggested that persons get to know the sellers and read up on as much as possible on their plant purchases. Not everyone who sells plants knows about them; the seller may not be able to provide care instructions.

I had to deal with overdyed flowering plants where the colour ran off when they were sprayed with water. Some persons put them out in the rain to freshen up and had their Orchids and Anthurium Lilies ruined. It was the first time I saw Anthurium Lilies dyed and as soon as I saw them, I knew they were overdyed as with those colours it was impossible for them to be natural. Some of the plants sold for Mother’s Day are already collapsing. Some people have been penny wise and pound foolish and here we are trying to help to save a few.

Please continue to read up all you can on these plants with careful attention on the type of soil and plant food required. Remember that some of those plants might be annuals, while some are perennials.

Until next week, Happy Gardening.

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