Xamiera Kippins crowned Miss Earth Guyana

(Photos by Subhash Haimraj)

Stunner Xamiera Kippins was crowned the new Miss Earth Guyana ahead of five other contestants when the curtains came down on last Saturday night’s affair into the first hour of Sunday morning at the Natural Cultural Centre (NCC).

The show began shortly after the scheduled eight o’clock hour, with a rousing cultural presentation before the introduction of the six vying beauties to the small and excited audience looking on. The batch of seven contestants to have taken part in the preliminaries was down to six and they were: Gabriella Chapman, Oriana Castello, Luann Pellew, Akisha Payne, Anita Baker and Xamiera.

Though they would have had the costume preliminaries at the Aracari Resort, they gave a second display at the NCC. Each of the contestants was tasked with coming up with a superhero name that encapsulated the part she would play in protecting earth…..