Irfaan Ali is PPP/C presidential candidate

-says humbled to be selected

Irfaan Ali

Irfaan Ali was today chosen as the PPP/C’s presidential candidate for the next general elections.

The former housing minister defeated former attorney general Anil Nandlall 24 to 11.

The secret balloting followed the withdrawal of three other candidates: Gail Teixeira, Vindhya Persaud and Frank Anthony.

In a statement confirming the decision, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) said after the vote the four other contenders congratulated Ali and pledged support to working towards a PPP/C victory.

The PPP said Ali, 38, has been a member of the PPP for over 20 years and a part of the leadership for 15 years, during which he held the position of Finance Secretary for several years.

It added that he served in the Cabinet for seven years, holding the portfolios of Minister of Housing and Water and Minister of Tourism, Industry and Commerce.

“The Party wishes to assure that despite a most rigorous and competitive campaign, the party remains united and stands firmly behind the Presidential Candidate and pledges to work fervently to deliver victory at the polls as we continue to struggle for a better Guyana,” it added.

In a statement issued by the PPP, Ali said that he was “humbled” to have been selected as the presidential candidate.

“Over the last 20 years, I have served my party at regional and national levels. My work with the Progressive Youth Organization (PYO), since 1992, has given me a unique perspective of the challenges facing our youths and the opportunities that exist to enable them to actively participate in the governance of our country and being part of the solution. My party’s decision to select me, as a young person, is testimony to our commitment to not only talk the talk about youth leaders, but actively facilitate this”, Ali said.

He added that he was glad that the campaign was over. 

“I hope that the rumour-mongering, which was clearly intended to spread division in our ranks and to disparage me and other candidates, will now stop”, he added.

Ali in recent week has faced growing questions over his academic credentials.

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