O’Toole hopeful of justice, wary of cover-up after shooting

Dr Brian O’Toole

Months after he was shot and injured following an attack at his home, School of the Nations Director Dr Brian O’Toole is trying to remain hopeful that his attacker will be caught and brought to justice, while fearing that there has been a “cover-up” in the case.

“…I suppose it’s hard to be positive. I am trying to be but it’s difficult. At least show some respect to me. Everybody I talk to they believe that there is a cover-up. They believed that indeed somebody very influential is behind it. They believe that the police can’t be trusted. I haven’t met anybody who challenged me to say, ‘Look, you’re not being fair, give the police one chance.’ Not one person,” O’Toole told Sunday Stabroek in a recent interview.O’Toole was shot in an attack at his home on January 27th, hours after he had called a meeting to address threats that had surfaced the day before against the school’s student body. The threats were made via Facebook and police and cybersecurity experts have been trying to locate the individual responsible.

To date, police are yet to apprehend the perpetrator/s of the attack on O’Toole or the person/s who made the threats. Several persons were detained for questioning but were subsequently released…..

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