Buxtonian kite maker Marvin Cole and his assistants create kites as efficiently as any factory line, with each specialist leaving a mark on the final creation.

From the more seasoned frame maker to the fresh-faced youths in charge of embellishments, such as colourful frills and melodious tongues, they all have their part to play.

Their masterpieces, whether it is the ubiquitous ‘Star Point’ or the less common ‘Box Kite,’ ‘Hassaback Diamond,’ ”Round the World,’ ‘Star Kite’ or Bird Kite, all begin with the same ingredients–wood, string, paper, plastic, glue, and just the right amount of patience.
Cole previously told Stabroek News that he learned kite-making at his father’s feet and he eventually used his knowledge to establish his own business.

Text: Thandeka Percival
Videography: Terrence Thompson

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