Bandit shot dead in compound of Crown St hostel

An unidentified male who shortly after robbing a chef at gunpoint, pointed his weapon at an armed security guard, was fatally shot, the police said today.

The incident occurred in the compound of the El Sol Hostel located in Crown Street, Queenstown, Georgetown about 4.30 am today.

The stolen item and an unlicensed high point pistol with a live round were found at the scene.

The body is presently at Lyken’s Funeral Parlour awaiting identification and post-mortem, the police said.

The police say that an investigation revealed that the 33-year-old victim who works at the hostel arrived at the location in a taxi, exited and was awaiting for the security of the facility to open the door, when he was accosted by the armed perpetrator who demanded his property. He refused and was struck in the mouth and relieved of his cellphone.

At the same time, the door was opened and the bandit who reportedly pointed his weapon at the armed security guard, was shot.

A further update will be given.


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