Fishing practices seen behind Port Kaituma water problems

-residents take up mantle of distribution

The new well that was put into service to supply water to some residents of Port Kaituma.

Days after the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI) temporarily halted pumping water from the Port Kaituma River due to quality concerns, a new well was put into service and fishing practices have been seen as the cause of the problems experienced.

Water returned to sections of the community on Monday afternoon. Other residents beyond central Port Kaituma remain dependent on rainfall and water suppliers in the community for water.

GWI last week issued a notice urging residents not to use the water from the river until further notice. The notice was issued after reports surfaced of dead fish in the Port Kaituma River. GWI usually pumps untreated water directly from the river into its distribution network for use by residents…..

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