Venezuelans finding jobs at Port Kaituma

-some have brought families

One of the hotels where the Venezuelans reside during their stay.

The crisis in neighbouring Venezuela continues to force its nationals to flee from economic hardship and  communities in proximity such as Port Kaituma have registered an influx of nationals in search of jobs, medical aid and food.

Since their arrival in the North West community, residents related that there has been a rapid rise in prostitution. Many believe the women are involved in the trade as a means of survival, not only for them, but for their families.

Close to 130 persons would have registered their arrival in Port Kaituma but officials of the community and the police believe the number of those arriving is higher. Stabroek News was told that many arrive in the community but would not register themselves with the police or just pass through the community and make their way to the gold mining backdams…..

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