Jamaica: Man who assaults ex claims she is upset at him for not marrying her

(Jamaica Observer) A man who was hauled before the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court for reportedly punching his child’s mother repeatedy in her face, claimed that the complainant was lying on him and was doing so because he told her he was not ready to get married.

“All of this is because she ask mi fi marry her and I told her I am not ready yet,” Damion Green blurted out in court after he was remanded.

“A bare lie she a tell pon mi and she say she wi do anything to get mi lock up,” he added.

The 36-year-old accused, who was last year before the court for attacking the 42-year-old woman, however admitted to punching the woman once in her face.

The complainant, who had taken out a restraining order against the accused, was attacked on Chancery Street, Meadowbrook, St Andrew.

According to the police report, on the day in question about 3:30 pm the complainant was on her way to buy food at a cookshop when Green reportedly saw her and said: “Wa a gwaan,” but she did not respond.

The complainant purchased the food and was sitting down at a bus stop eating when Green reportedly approached her again saying “You nuh hear man a call yuh.”

The complainant reportedly told him to leave her alone and he hit a cap that she was wearing.

Further reports are that the complainant got up and went across the road by the taxi stand when Green followed her there and grabbed her from behind.

A tussle reportedly ensued and they both fell to the ground, and while they were on the ground Green reportedly punched her several times in her face.

Green reported told the complainant: “A kill mi ago kill yuh. Yuh a bawl fi help? A buss mi ago buss up yuh face and kill you”.

She was, however, rescued by two men and she went and reported the matter. Green was arrested and charged with assault ocassioning bodily harm.

But last Wednesday when Green appeared in court he told Parish Judge Vaughn Smith that he was not guilty of punching the complainant several times, and that he only punched one time because she was biting him.

“She hold on to mi and mi shirt and start strangle mi and mi hold on to her and hug her up, and mi hand get in her mouth and she bite me.

“Mi ask her please to let mi go and then I tump her one time,” Green said.

The complainant, who told the court that their relationship ended three years ago, admitted to biting Green but said she did it to stop him from punching her.

The judge then told Green that he was concerned about the complainant and does not want anything further to happen to her or him, and as result was not minded to grant him bail.

The prosecutor then told Green that he was going to be charged for breaches of the Domestic Violence Act.

The accused is to return to court on February 18.

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