Jamaican truck driver appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live after winning $298M Powerball Jackpot

Jimmy Kimmel Talks to Jamaican Truck Driver/Lottery Winner

(Jamaica Gleaner) “So, now that you’re rich, is there anyone you’re going to make sure you never talk to again?” American television talk show host Jimmy Kimmel asked Powerball millionaire, Jamaican Dave Johnson.

“Yea man, my boss!” Johnson replied, bursting into laughter.

The Jamaican truck driver was appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live, weeks after he won the US$298 million Powerball lottery jackpot.

Johnson has agreed to a one-time lump and so he will collect US$114 million.

In video posted on YouTube, Johnson had Kimmel’s audience in stitches at several points.

“Did you really quit your job immediately?” Kimmel asked.

“Right away with no delay,” the truck driver replied, chuckling, and setting off laughter again.

The 56-year-old said he will be buying a new Porsche and a bigger house with his winnings.

“I’m going to buy a car, a Porsche so me and my wife can drive to Florida in style,” he said.

Kimmel jested that Johnson to decline all investment offers made to him and jested that he recently found out they were close cousins.

Johnson, who has been playing the lottery for 40 years said his winnings came as a shocker for him as he never believed he had any luck.

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