Entering Hogstye from Skeldon, Corentyne side

Located on the Corentyne highway just before Adventure Village is the very small, very quiet, very bushy Hogstye Village. With a population of just under 50, and many abandoned houses, the village is at a standstill developmentally. It has no cross streets, one major grocery store, two gas stations, one lumber yard and a masjid.

Azad Taki, owner of one of the gas stations, explained that initially Hogstye was a private estate owned by the Hack brothers. He said that they were “big time road contractors”, who first moved to Georgetown, after which they migrated to foreign countries.

However, he said, since he moved in to the village some 30 years ago he has always known it to be called Hogstye. Taki was formerly attached to Bermine Factory on the East Bank Berbice, but after that was closed, he moved into the Corentyne village and opened a small hardware store in the hope of bettering himself and being able to provide for his family. “When I came here,” he said, “it had rice industry, it had big rice mill there.”….

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