Now is the time to start sowing your flower seeds to germinate all of those colourful flowering annuals. Fresh batches of seeds are out. To germinate seeds, you will need a pack or two of Pro Mix which is a sterile soil made up of peat, perlite, vermiculite, coir (coconut fibre), limestone and a controlled release fertilizer.

To use, moisten Pro Mix and lay it out in a seed tray or shallow con-tainer. Sprinkle the seeds and cover the top with approximately one inch more of Pro Mix. The seeds should germinate within 7 to 14 days. 

Some annuals you can germinate include Marigolds, Petunias, Busy Lizzie, Zinnias, Sunflowers and Never Done. Once the seeds have terminated you would need to transplant them to the desired area of your garden. Care and nurture them and you would be blessed with a rainbow of colours in your garden.

Until next week, Happy Gardening!



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