Gaulbert Sutherland

Sun and Sand says no mercury for planned gold mining

-recovery of at least 90%

The Quartzstone mine to be operated by Sun and Sand Mining Resources Inc will not use any mercury or other reagents but will use new technology to ensure gold recovery of at least 90%, the project’s head Mukesh Arora told a poorly attended scoping meeting in Bartica on Monday.

Baishanlin operations at standstill

- prospective partner due next month

Officials from Long Jiang Forest Industries Group are expected in Guyana next month for a ‘fact-finding mission’ as it seeks to fully take over the operations of logging firm Baishanlin whose operations have ground to a halt.

Rising drug flow from Caribbean worries US

-Washington concerned that ‘big fish’ not being arrested, prosecuted

The United States is concerned that drug flows through the Caribbean are on the rise, according to a top US anti-narcotics official who said Washington remains “very concerned” that high level traffickers are not being arrested and prosecuted.

Three by-elections were held in 1994 after NDC stalemates

-law not changed since then

After local government elections in 1994, there were by-elections to elect the chairperson and vice-chairperson of three Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) following a deadlock at the council level and in the absence of a compromise, there is a growing view that this should have been done following similar stalemates this year.

Wales workers needed timelier info on estate closure, PM admits

-says sugar ties should not be seen as immutable

Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo yesterday said government had not properly informed workers of the impending closure of the Wales sugar estate even as he excoriated the PPP/C for peddling falsehoods and “political deception.” Nagamootoo’s contribution to the debate on the 2016 National Budget was made in the absence of the opposition parliamentarians, who had walked out and were subsequently accused by him of “political cowardice.” Nagamootoo wasted no time in launching

Jordan unveils $230B budget

…with infrastructure as lynchpin

-$9B proposed for GuySuCo With an ambitious public infrastructure programme as the centrepiece, Minister of Finance Winston Jordan yesterday unveiled a $230 billion budget which also includes a $9 billion injection for the beleaguered sugar corporation, $2.5 billion for the state power company as well as a pledge to create 3,000 jobs at Lethem and Belvedere.

Independents among city contestants

Almost 22 years after local government elections (LGE) were last held here, political parties, groups and individuals yesterday submitted their nominations to contest for seats in municipalities and Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) across the country.

Historic budget move

-allocations cleared for constitutional agencies

In a historic first, the National Assembly yesterday approved budget proposals of some constitutional agencies outside of the main budget presentation but the process was held up for hours as the two sides squabbled over who was responsible for answering questions on the Audit Office and Finance Minister Winston Jordan also faced heat for “cutting” figures for several agencies.

Anti-terrorism bill passed

-opposition abstains over ‘draconian’ provisions

Following a marathon debate in the House, government last night used its majority to pass the anti-terrorism bill with the opposition abstaining from the vote after raising a number of questions about the “draconian” bill including the inclusion of the death penalty for 14 offences.

Gov’t relents on terrorism bill

-anti-laundering amendments passed

Under pressure over a contentious anti-terrorism bill, the government yesterday dropped plans to rush it through the National Assembly but two other bills were approved by the APNU+AFC side in the absence of the PPP/C whose parliamentarians walked out in protest.