Keno George


These two could barely hide their excitement as they went to the Hat Show at the Promenade Gardens on Saturday equipped not only to showcase their Easter hats but also to do some kite flying.

All in the family

This family of Easter bunnies showed up to participate in the Hat Show which was held on Saturday at the Promenade Gardens (Photo by Keno George)

Distinctive look

A reveller from the Regional Democratic Council of Region Ten during the Mashramani costume and float parade on Friday.

Mashramani celebrations

Cherished Lambs students took to the streets on Thursday decked out in brightly coloured outfits as part of the Mashramani celebrations (Photo by Keno George)

Scenes of celebration from Mashramani 2018

– Photos by Keno George

One of the GTT Pulse Mash Band’s queens stops for a picture with the float Leading the way: One of the queen’s of the GTT Pulse Mash Band, titled “Amazon Gems,” which was among the standouts during the annual Mashramani costume and float parade yesterday.

Bourda St works

The repaving of Bourda Street by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure is progressing at a fast rate and is expected to be completed by the weekend.

Up and down

Drivers traversing the Cummings Lodge Access Road are forced to show their driving skills as the road continues to deteriorate.

The Roundabout?

Government has awarded a $78.9 million contract for the construction of a roundabout at this junction, just south of the Kitty Seawall, near the intersection of Vlissengen Road and Kitty Public Road.