Mark McGowan

NCN will reorganize -Sattaur

Despite losing almost its entire $81M subvention to opposition cuts yesterday, CEO of the state-owned National Communications Network (NCN) Mohammed ‘Fuzzy’ Sattaur says the company will continue to fulfill its mandate of educating citizens on government’s developmental programme.

Hamilton says ex-opposition backers netted votes for PPP/C

- blames disconnect, AFC for loss of support

Although the PPP/C would have seen its votes dip significantly at the November 28 polls, PNCR-member-turned-PPP/C-supporter Joe Hamilton says it is erroneous to claim that the public endorsement of Donald Ramotar’s candidacy by figures previously associated with the opposition did not result in votes for the incumbent party.

Long-standing defects in electoral laws must be addressed

—Haslyn Parris

While describing the hung parliament as presenting a “great opportunity” for Guyana, constitutional expert Haslyn Parris believes that the parties must address long-standing systemic deficiencies in the electoral laws or the country will remain in a quagmire as it relates to proper governance.

Elections outcome could bring national healing, says Kwayana

- hopes parties will pursue unity gov’t

With the outcome of the recent general elections, former WPA executive member Eusi Kwayana believes Guyana has its best opportunity to end years of bitter rivalry between the major races and he says now is the ideal time for the political parties to work towards a national unity government.

PPP/C, APNU in tight race

-parties urge calm as results trickle in

The major parties appealed for calm yesterday as results from the elections continued to trickle in and figures from the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) and the AFC pointed to a possible close race for the presidency between the ruling PPP/C and opposition coalition APNU.

Minority win could see compromise or no confidence vote

While all parties are seeking an overall majority in tomorrow’s election, should it happen that the poll produces a winner who commands less than 51 per cent of the votes, Guyana could have a minority government which is dependent on compromises with other parliamentary parties to ensure the passage of legislation in the National Assembly.