Nills Campbell

Toevlugt/Patentia NDC yearning for local gov’t polls

Councillors of the Toevlugt/ Patentia Neighbourhood are longing for the holding of local government elections so that the decision-making process can be reverted to the local government level thereby giving neighbourhoods the freedom in carrying out their fiduciary duty to rate payers.

Imagine teaching a multi-grade class of 85 students

...Teacher Milo did it at Anarika

Amelia Sirgool credits her sound primary education for preparing her for her career as a teacher; equipping her with the skills and knowledge she needed to serve the education sector in different capacities including her most challenging and enjoyable tenure as a multi-grade teacher at Anarika.

Upholsterer: Winifred Watson

Upholstery is traditionally seen as a man’s work, but single mother of five Winifred Watson who lives in Stanley-town, West Bank Demerara, does it along with some amount of joinery to provide for her family.

Guyana’s first Mashramani

From every nook and cranny they came. From down river they paddled their canoes, some came on horseback, others walked long distances and yet more came by bus as they congregated on Arvida Road, later known as Republic Avenue.