Stella Ramsaroop

Why I am rising

Stella Says

On February 14, one billion women – and those who love them – in 190 countries will rise up in solidarity to demand an end to violence against women.

My crusade

Stella Says

Just 238 words. That was how many words were dedicated to violence against women in Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee’s 6,048-word statement about the new Public Safety and Security Strategy that he proudly released to the media.

The pretty trap

Alanis Morissette once said, “What I have to say is far more important than how long my eyelashes are.” In this brief sentence, Alanis openly challenged the societal notion that all women must be pretty.

Deafening silence on a national travesty  

The silence is truly deafening. Nary a peep about the beastly assault of a young woman that was so brutal, it forced her to abort her unborn child (the assault should be public record as it was reported to the police and the medical procedure was verified by the young woman).