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Could it happen again? 2

In our time I am become Death, destroyer of worlds. (J Robert Oppenheimer, scientific director of the Manhattan Project, quoting from the Bhagavad Gita upon the successful testing, in New Mexico in July 1945, of the first atom bomb)Now we are all sons of bitches.

Lest we forget 2

In Our Time Wayne Brown Seventy years ago last week, the armies of Hitler swept into Poland, in the opening act of what would soon be World War II.

The penitence of the prince 2

In Our Time Some time around midnight on July 18, 1969 (easy to remember the date, since it was my 25th birthday), on Chappaquiddick Island off Martha’s Vineyard, a ’67 Oldsmobile drove off the rail-less Dike Bridge, flipped and sank upside down in an inlet.

In the US racist hysteria grows 6

In Our Time It’s a thought to madden a Manichaean, but the usual outcome of any struggle between ‘good’ and ‘evil’ isn’t victory for one or the other, but stalemate.

Keeping score on Obama

In Our Time Six months ago, Barack Obama came to office with his plate overflowing: a stricken US economy, two wars, and ambitious (and politically expensive) plans to reform health care and move the US towards (clean) energy independence.

What ‘post-racial’ America? 2

In our time   “Dr Du Bois took the lead in making the United States and the world recognize that racial prejudice was not a mere matter of Negroes being persecuted but was a cancer which poisoned the whole civilization of the United States.” (CLR James, speaking of WEB Du Bois in London, 1967) “Racism is on the decline in the United States… Stokely [Carmichael] insists that what is taking place in American city after American city is black people fighting against the police.” (CLR James, same 1967 address) Around the time the Trinidadian James was giving his seminal lecture, ‘Black Power,’ quoted above, another Trinidadian, Stokely Carmichael (later Kwame Ture), was being repeatedly interrupted by a black heckler as he spoke in the US on the same theme.

In our time

Water, water everywhere? When, many years ago, VS Naipaul referred to the land of his birth as “the little island in the mouth of the Orinoco,” Trinidadians resented what they interpreted as an intentionally belittling description.

The Obama era

The world on his plate Ten months ago, when John McCain suggested that rival Barack Obama join him in suspending his campaign to make a dramatic dash back to Washington to ‘fix’ the US’s suddenly looming financial catastrophe, Obama declined.

The Obama era 1

The muse of hatred Back in mid-April, the US Department of Homeland Security under new Obama appointee Janet Napolitano released a sobering report on the recent rise of right-wing extremism in the US.

The Obama era

The silent majority Wayne Brown is a well-known Trinidadian writer and columnist who now lives in Jamaica.

The Obama era

Heart of darkness ‘The trouble with torture is that sometimes it works; and when it does, the devil sings.

The Obama era

‘All Obama, all the time’ Wayne Brown is a well-known Trinidadian writer and columnist who now lives in Jamaica.

The Obama era

Considering Obama’s America Wayne Brown is a well-known Trinidadian writer and columnist who now lives in Jamaica.

The Obama era

Suddenly, ‘crunch time’ If this column has a doppelganger, it’s that of the NYT’s columnist Bob Herbert.