Bisram should reveal his true self

Dear Editor,

The more Vishnu Bisram writes the more he lets the cat out of the bag on his many different characters and his dependency on the PPP for relevance. For him to say that he was never a member of the PPP is tantamount to saying that people can fly. When the occasion suits him, he would claim that he is PPP and a friend of Mr Jagdeo within the Freedom House association; at other times he claims to be several things including an Indian rights activist, a pollster, and president of some shell organizations.

We found there are two types of responses from Mr Bisram. There is Type 1, where he plays to the gallery of a select group of Indian rights comrades on closed blogs.  Amazingly, his response on that blog to our thoughts was significantly different from his utterance in the independent newspapers on the same issues.  Is this a crisis of contradictions?
On the closed blogs, he entertains the likes of Basdeo Panday, claiming that he (Bisram) is an “Indian Rights Activist” and a “defender of Indian rights” and he “… will not sit by silently and allow people to be beaten and not make an effort to assist them.” But on the Linden issue on the same blog a few weeks ago he was condemning the “rights of Lindeners to protest” and asserting the rights of the police to “use whatever means necessary” to maintain law and order.

He did not think they deserved compensation. He used the word ‘thugs‘ to describe the Linden protestors and claimed that the death of three of them resulted from collateral damage.  But this same Bisram No. 1 is calling for justice and compensation for the Indo-Guyanese victims whom he claimed were robbed in Agricola.

But as he plays to a more multi-racial gallery in the independent media, Bisram No 2 stands up, while Bisram No 1 goes to bed.  Nothing in his letter to Stabroek News meets our benchmark for a response. What we can say is that by his own doing Mr Bisram has exposed himself as a phony pollster in New York and Guyana.

In the run-up to the 2011 elections, Mr Bisram published a fake poll in which he gave the PPP a possible landslide victory. When the final results were published, he claimed that the PPP was defrauded and they should challenge the results. He claimed that we attacked his “character and reputation” but proceeded to do exactly that in relation to our characters and reputations with unsubstantiated evidence.  Where is the consistency? Is there a budding Bisram No 3 in the making? For the record, this PPP propagandist is really on a fishing expedition as he tries to probe our professional backgrounds since he was way off target.

So today, we are offering Mr Bisram the opportunity to come out of the closet both politically and socially and say who he is. It is worth it. His friends and colleagues at Freedom House and at Richmond Hill, Queens in New York will recognize and accept him for who he is. No one, at least not us, will judge him for what he is, since he has a right to his choices.

Finally, Mr Bisram proclaimed that the AFC will pay heavily at the next election?  Why?  Because his ‘poll‘ says so?  This is bunkum at its best.

Yours faithfully,
Asquith Rose
Harish S Singh

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