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Forces from Libyan city of Misrata say they seized Tripoli airport

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TRIPOLI/BENGHAZI, Libya, (Reuters) - Forces from the Libyan city of Misrata on Saturday seized Tripoli's main airport after more than a month of fighting with a rival group, a Misrata spokesman said .

U.S. says Russia must pull convoy from Ukraine or face more sanctions

U.S. says Russia must pull convoy from Ukraine or face more sanctions

KIEV/DONETSK-IZVARINO BORDER CROSSING, Russia, (Reuters) - The United States demanded Moscow remove an aid convoy it sent into rebel-held eastern Ukraine without permission yesterday, accusing Russia of a flagrant violation of the sovereignty of its former Soviet neighbour and threatening more sanctions .

Shi’ite militia kill dozens of Iraqi Sunnis in mosque shooting

BAGHDAD, (Reuters) - Iraqi Shi’ite militiamen machine gunned minority Sunni Muslims in a village mosque yesterday, killing dozens just as Baghdad was trying to build a cross-community government to fight Sunni militants whose rise has alarmed Western powers .

Gaza gunmen execute “collaborators”; mortar kills Israeli boy

GAZA/JERUSALEM, (Reuters) - Hamas-led gunmen in Gaza executed 18 Palestinians accused of collaborating with Israel yesterday, accelerating a crackdown on suspected informers after Israeli forces tracked down and killed three senior Hamas commanders .

WHO warns of “shadow zones” and unreported Ebola cases

GENEVA/MONROVIA, (Reuters) - Families hiding infected loved ones and the existence of “shadow zones” where medics cannot go mean the West African Ebola epidemic is even bigger than thought, the World Health Organization said on Friday .

Ukraine accuses Russia of invasion after aid convoy crosses border

DONETSK-IZVARINO BORDER CROSSING, Russia, (Reuters) - Ukraine declared today that Russia had launched a "direct invasion" of its territory after Moscow sent a convoy of aid trucks across the border into eastern Ukraine where pro-Russian rebels are fighting government forces .

Islamic State threat ‘beyond anything we’ve seen’ -Pentagon

Islamic State threat ‘beyond anything we’ve seen’ -Pentagon

WASHINGTON, (Reuters) - The sophistication, wealth and military might of Islamic State militants represent a major threat to the United States that may surpass that once posed by al Qaeda, U .

Israeli air strike kills three Hamas commanders in Gaza

GAZA/JERUSALEM, (Reuters) - Israel killed three senior Hamas commanders in the Gaza Strip in an air strike yesterday and said it would continue to target the group’s armed leadership after a ceasefire failed .

Lack of leadership hurts Ebola fight in West Africa -MSF

GENEVA, (Reuters) - Efforts to curb the deadly Ebola epidemic that swept across four West African states are being undermined by a lack of leadership and emergency management skills, the international head of Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF) said on Thursday .

As Venezuelan deliveries wane, allies tap traders for pricey fuel

HOUSTON/CARACAS, (Reuters) - Venezuela’s shipments of crude oil and fuel to its allies have fallen to a five-year low as a weak economy hits its ability to uphold accords that former President Hugo Chavez struck to lower energy costs for friends and expand his diplomatic clout .

Gaza war rages on, Hamas says Israel tried  to kill its military chief

Gaza war rages on, Hamas says Israel tried to kill its military chief

GAZA/JERUSALEM, (Reuters) - An Israeli air strike in Gaza killed the wife and infant son of Hamas’s military leader, Mohammed Deif, the group said, calling it an attempt to assassinate him after a ceasefire collapsed .

Opposition leader Khan opens talks with Pakistan gov’t over protests

ISLAMABAD, (Reuters) - Opposition leader Imran Khan opened negotiations yesterday with the Pakistani government, a lawmaker from his party said, in an effort to end protests against the prime minister and overcome a political impasse .

U.S. forces tried but failed to rescue U.S. hostages in Syria

U.S. forces tried but failed to rescue U.S. hostages in Syria


Liberia police fire on protesters as W.Africa’s Ebola toll hits 1,350

MONROVIA, (Reuters) - Police in the Liberian capital fired live rounds and tear gas yesterday to disperse a stone-throwing crowd trying to break an Ebola quarantine imposed on their neighbourhood, as the death toll from the epidemic in West Africa hit 1,350 .

Dozens die in Ukraine in street battles, Donetsk shelling

KIEV/DONETSK, Ukraine, (Reuters) - Heavy shelling hit residential neighbourhoods in Ukraine’s rebel stronghold of Donetsk and government forces fought street battles in other towns yesterday as they sought to crush a four-month-old separatist rebellion .

China says Australian tycoon’s attack “irrational and absurd”

China says Australian tycoon’s attack “irrational and absurd”

BEIJING/SYDNEY, (Reuters) - China’s foreign ministry has condemned a verbal attack by Australian mining mogul and politician Clive Palmer as irrational and absurd, after the businessman described China’s government as “bastards” who shoot their own people .

West Africa must confront political weaknesses to curb drugs trade -Obasanjo

ACCRA, (Reuters) - West Africa must openly confront its political and governance weaknesses to curb the growing drug trade in the region, former Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo said yesterday .

Pakistan cleric’s supporters attempt to blockade parliament, but MPs escape

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Thousands of Pakistani protesters tried to blockade parliament today after an anti-government cleric told them not to allow anyone in or out, with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif inside at the time, but the lawmakers left by a back entrance .

Gaza war resumes with deadly strikes, rocket fire

GAZA/JERUSALEM, (Reuters) - Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip fired rockets at Israel for a second day yesterday after fighting resumed with the collapse of truce talks and an Israeli air strike that killed three people in Gaza .

Indicted Texas Governor Perry has fingerprints, mug shot taken

Indicted Texas Governor Perry has fingerprints, mug shot taken

AUSTIN, Texas, (Reuters) - Texas Governor Rick Perry, a possible Republican presidential candidate in the 2016 race, was fingerprinted and had his mug shot taken by judicial authorities yesterday after being indicted last week on two felony charges of abusing power .

Pakistan crisis puts army back in the driving seat

Pakistan crisis puts army back in the driving seat

ISLAMABAD, (Reuters) - Besieged Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has been assured by the country’s military there will be no coup, but in return he must “share space with the army”, according to a government source who was privy to recent talks between the two sides .

Canada didn’t audit railway adequately before disaster – report

LAC-MeGANTIC, Quebec, (Reuters) - The Canadian government did not adequately audit the rail firm at the center of the Lac-Megantic crude tanker disaster that last year killed 47 people, an independent federal agency said on Tuesday, as it called for tougher scrutiny of the rail industry .

Liberia fights Ebola in capital, W. Africa toll tops 1,200

MONROVIA/GENEVA, (Reuters) - Liberia battled yesterday to halt the spread of the Ebola disease in its crowded, run-down oceanside capital Monrovia, recording the most new deaths as fatalities from the world’s worst outbreak of the deadly virus rose above 1,200 .

Islamic State video purports to show beheading of U.S. journalist

Islamic State video purports to show beheading of U.S. journalist

BAGHDAD, (Reuters) - Islamic State insurgents posted a video yesterday purportedly showing the beheading of U .

Backed by U.S. strikes, Iraq Kurds retake strategic dam -officials

BAGHDAD, (Reuters) - Iraqi and Kurdish forces recaptured Iraq’s biggest dam from Islamist militants with the help of U .

Imran Khan calls for protests in Pakistan government zone today

Imran Khan calls for protests in Pakistan government zone today

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) - Pakistani opposition leader Imran Khan called on his supporters to march on a heavily fortified area of the capital today after his party announced it would resign from parliament to try to force the government to hold new elections .

Dozens killed in attack on convoy, Ukraine says; rebels deny firing rocket

KIEV, (Reuters) - Dozens of people, including women and children, were killed as they fled fighting in eastern Ukraine yesterday when their convoy of buses was hit by rocket fire, military spokesmen said .

Honduras seizes 50 properties from alleged drug gang

TEGUCIGALPA, (Reuters) - Honduran authorities yesterday said they seized more than 50 properties that they allege belong to a drug trafficking gang as the country’s new government steps up its battle against organized crime linked to Mexican cartels .

National Guard called in after second night of chaos in Ferguson, Missouri

FERGUSON, Missouri, (Reuters) - Missouri's governor said today he would send the National Guard into the St .

Kurds push to drive militants from Mosul Dam with U.S. air support

DOHUK, Iraq, (Reuters) - Kurdish fighters pushed to retake Iraq’s largest dam yesterday and the United States conducted a second day of air strikes in the area in a drive to reverse gains by Islamic State insurgents who have overrun much of the country’s north .

Police fire smoke canisters at Missouri protesters and media

FERGUSON, MISSOURI, (Reuters) - Police fired smoke canisters into a crowd of about 400 demonstrators, including families with children, in Ferguson, Missouri, last night, where they were protesting against the killing last week of an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown by police .

India’s Hindu nationalists tighten grip over ruling party

NEW DELHI, (Reuters) - Several members of India’s most powerful right-wing Hindu group were named to positions within the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), officials said yesterday, signalling a more overt role for the party’s ideological parent that usually operates in the shadows .

Pakistan opposition leader calls for tax boycott in anti-government protest

ISLAMABAD, (Reuters) - Leading opposition politician Imran Khan urged Pakistanis yesterday not to pay taxes or utility bills as a protest against the government and vowed to force the country’s “corrupt” prime minister to step down this week .

Ukraine says its troops make breakthrough in rebel stronghold

KIEV/DONETSK, Ukraine (Reu-ters) - Ukrainian forces have raised their national flag over a police station in the city of Luhansk that was for months under rebel control, Kiev said yesterday, in what could be a breakthrough in Ukraine’s efforts to crush pro-Moscow separatists .

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