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Fashion, feminism and the future

Throughout this current political season where populist movements are seemingly growing thicker than wild bush and misogyny is ripe within American politics, I constantly find myself reflecting on how this will influence fashion and the industry at large.

‘Dan Jah V’ releases single

Reggae/Dancehall artiste Javes ‘Dan Jah V’ Cox recently released his latest single “Fit My Profile”. “‘Fit My Profile’ is a slow dancehall and was actually written because a personal experience.

New chutney queen’s determination won her the crown

When Paramdai ‘Vanita’ Willie rocked a gold and red sari (her two favourite colours) to sing her original piece “Powah” and was eventually crowned the queen of chutney it was more than just a crown, but it was triumph after years of trying and overcoming difficult periods in her life.

Lisa Hanna and social media

In an era where image combined with the fitting use of social media garners immense likeability and public approval, it should come as no surprise that politicians are using this recipe to grow and strengthen their political careers.

Talking Mashramani

Substance and value will never go out of style. They can be intimidated by trends, but trends are exactly what they claim to be and temporary.

Aquaila Rupan wins Miss Mash crown in stiff competition

Aquaila Rupan, who went by the stage name ‘Miss Buxton Spice’, was crowned Miss Mash Queen Guyana 2017 on Sunday last in what played out to be a very competitive competition where she faced off with beauties who fought for the crown ‘tooth and nail.’ In the end she held her nerve and won the nod of the judges at the National Cultural Centre.

Rupununi Festival comes to Georgetown

Guyanese can continue to enjoy the ‘mash fever’ at least up until March 4, when the exciting, entertaining, fun-filled and affordable ‘after-Mash’ Rupununi Music & Arts Festival comes to Thirst Park (Banks DIH).

Weddings: It is about the couple not the guest

Despite having a small wedding of my own, I am always giddy with excitement when I am invited to one. However, deep down inside I wish sometimes we could just skip to the part where everything is over in a flash and people just turn up married without any big fuss.

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