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Who are you?

Often, when people are asked ‘Who are you?’ they respond by giving their names. Sometimes they also give their addresses and depending on the situation in which the question is asked, they might give their job title, or they might refer to their lineage.

Susan Ibrahim: Behind the flawless faces

Makeup done by Susan Ibrahim/ SAKS Makeup Artistry

Many of the flawlessly made-up models seen in advertisements for boutiques such as Street Styles, in runway shows such as Shape and in the Sunday Style segment of this newspaper would have had their impeccable look put in place by Susan Ibrahim.

Spice and July trends

Outfit - That Look Boutique, South Road

Not too many female dancehall artists in the Caribbean have managed to acquire a social media following like Spice and establish stable brand identity.


Correction: In last week’s feature on Johann David, his birth year was inadvertently stated as 1989, instead of 1985. In addition, Decadence was the play for which he won an award and not Shattered Dreams as stated in the article.