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Brixton Stories comes to Theatre Guild

Actor John Phillips and actress Sonia Yarde during a scene of the play.

London based Brixton Stories tonight opens at Theatre Guild with a gala performance and continues tomorrow night with the sole aim of raising funds for the non-governmental organisation Artist In Direct Support (AIDS) which has been facing a funding challenges over the past few years.

Fashion inspiration

Gigi Hadid

Whether or not we are active users of internet and smart technology, they both would have undoubtedly influenced our lives in some way or the other.

The no-makeup movement

There is a certain expectation that once you are a woman, you are supposed to like makeup, even more so if you are one who is heavily into fashion.

Ego awarded for his contribution to Guyanese music

Quincy Lacon

Two Thursdays ago the Guyanese Cultural Association of New York awarded artiste, Quincy Lacon in recognition of his ‘EGO’ career. For two of the four years since Quincy ventured into the entertainment industry, he has been performing across Guyana as well as in Suriname and Trinidad.

The bride wore black by Jason Shurland

Hashim Alli and Melicia Partab in their English wedding attire

Jason Shurland pulled out all stops and created a striking black and gold gown for Melicia Partab and matching kurta for Hashim Alli, co-founders of Nachle Designs, who got married on July 30, crushing the myth the a bride in black is a bad omen.

Nuriyyih Gerrard Commences New York Tour

Nuriyyih Gerrard

Miss World-Guyana 2016 Nuriyyih Gerrard and a delegation are in New York where the queen is set to make a number of appearances during which she would share her thoughts on mental health in Guyana which is the focus of her Beauty with a Purpose project.

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    Man beaten with bat passes away

  2. Bibi Shareema (left) and her mother Bibi Shameela in
happier times

    Greenwich Park woman died 44 days after brutally stabbed by ex-partner

  3. Bharrat Jagdeo

    Meeting of Cabinet at GDF HQ pilloried by Jagdeo

  4. Fast food lovers inside KFC yesterday

    KFC back in business

  5. The building housing the home and grocery

    Bandits invade Alness businessman’s house, shots fired

  6. Alimudeen Gobin’s demolished house

    Violent storm lashes No. 19 Village

  7. The ganja found in Prashad Nagar (Police photo)

    Police find 52 lbs of ganja in Prashad Nagar house

  8. The AK 47 and ammo found (Police photo)

    AK 47, ammo found behind wardrobe

  9. Plyboard-making operations at Barama

    Barama to lay off 500 workers

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