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Fruity drinks

Calamansi Drink (Photo by Cynthia Nelson)

Hi Everyone, If you are of a certain age you will recall the August holidays being rife with outdoor activities – climbing trees, picking fruits and eating them to our heart’s content, playing gam (marbles), hop scotch, and running our own Olympic-style races.

Bazodee in the Big Apple


By Alysia Christiani Alysia Christiani is a Brooklyn-based Print Producer, Freelance Designer, Content Creator, Blogger and Mom of two. Movies by and about Caribbean folk have always been a favourite in the community.

T&T poet launches Conversations

Imo Bakari

Trinidadian poet Imo Bakari launched his book, Conversations this week at the Conference Room of the National Library. Conversations consists of 78 short poems that Imo had been compiling for a little over two years.

Decoding Sandra’s silence

Sandra Granger

Baffling does not even begin to describe First Lady Sandra Granger’s deafening silence on the issue of the dress code. While it clearly doesn’t affect her—I mean, who would stop the First Lady from entering any public building in one of her array of sleeveless dresses—surely, given her position of influence some sort of verbal statement is warranted, especially since the issue affects mostly women.

Going places

Going places

This bevy of attractive teenagers being prepared for the Wednesday, August 17 Miss Summer Blaze Pageant at the Theatre Guild, includes secondary school students and post-CXC university aspirants.

Upcoming animator Dre eyes the big time

20160730 Dre

Versatile is how Andre Jacobus describes himself. A young, up and coming animator, he hopes to someday make his own debut in the international animation industry and work alongside other great animators on the production of animated blockbusters.

Bitter Love

Karaila Curry with Coconut Milk
(Photo by
Cynthia Nelson)

Hi Everyone,   Karaila (bitter melon/bitter gourd), like okra, is one of those vegetables that you either love or hate. Or, you may have a complicated relationship whereby you can only eat the vegetable if it is prepared a particular way.

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  1. The medical school sign on the Buddy’s building

    Buddy’s Pool Hall, Night Club closed after business falls

  2. A police officer attempts to escort Rushelle Gittens out of the court compound

    Woman threatens to kill cop at city court complex

  3. Lakeram Kewlachand

    Gangaram man takes his own life

  4. Colin Rodney

    Cop charged with taking bribes

  5. Citizens fleeing country due to crime, IAC says

  6. The Rio Inn at Forshaw and Oronoque Streets

    Teen shot dead outside Rio nightclub

  7. Courtenay Griffith’s home in Lodge that is earmarked to be demolished.

    City to tear down 52 derelict buildings

  8. 15-year-old charged with murdering suspect in sister’s abuse

  9. Barry Dataram

    Absent Barry Dataram found guilty of drug trafficking

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