House lot distribution over 70,000

With house lot allocation over 70,000 since 1992, the Ministry of Housing is urging allottees to start building on their lots or to visit the ministry to address issues that may be challenging their efforts.

The ministry said non-occupancy of house lots has been a setback and is prevalent in areas such as Tuschen, Diamond and Eccles resulting in the perception that there are available lots in those areas. According to a Government Information Agency (GINA) press release although government has a re-possession policy, it has been reluctant to enforce it because of its commitment to the land distribution process. There are over 30,000 house lot applications pending. The ministry said house lot allocation has reached in excess of 70,000.

Minister of Housing and Water Harry Narine Nawbatt again urged allottees to occupy their lands during a visit to Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo on Tuesday evening. He also discussed alternative measures to assist those requesting extensions to begin construction. The Scheme was established in 1999, with over 2,626 lots allocated. However, to date there is still 41 per cent non-occupancy. Nawbatt said the situation is not desirable as there are many other persons awaiting house lots. Additionally, the unoccupied lots are overgrown with vegetation and these pose security problems for residents.

Nawbatt said the ministry is aware that many persons may not be able to develop their land within the stipulated 18-month period and he advised those who are unable to meet the deadline, and those who have already paid for and are not in receipt of their transports, to visit his office on Monday so that their issues could be addressed. This measure has been put in place at the Scheme which is being supplied with water from a well in a neighbouring village. Nawbatt told residents that another meeting will be held with the area’s residents where a technical team from the water sector will address what measures could be put in place to ensure that they have an independent supply.

GINA said government has established over 35 new housing schemes which have seen a rapid development of the housing sector.

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