Girl, eight, killed by car

An eight-year-old lost her life last evening when a car slammed into her as she was about to cross the Public Road at Liverpool, Corentyne Berbice.

Dead is Sarah Ramsey of Liverpool, a student of the Mc Gowan Primary School. The child died on the way to the New Amsterdam Hospital, shortly after she was hit by motorcar, HB 4429.

Stabroek News witnessed the accident, which occurred around 6:15 last evening. The child had just come out of the street that separates Manchester and Liverpool and stepped onto the pedestrian crossing when she was hit by the car, which was travelling to New Amsterdam.

There was a power outage in the area just then and it is not clear if the driver of the vehicle saw the child; or he may have seen her too late. However, Ramsey was hit in the corner of the road and she had only just stepped on to the crossing.

The child was on her way to a prayer meeting with her mother and two other siblings but she was about 50 yards in front of the rest of the family. Her single-parent mother was forced to stand helplessly as her child was hit by the car.

The driver of the car then stopped some distance away, went back to the scene, looked at the child then entered his car and drove away.

Stabroek News understands that he drove to the Whim Police Station. (Adrian Smith)

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