Inflation is higher than wage increases

Dear Editor,

The proposed increase in the electricity tariff will bring more hardship on workers. Meagre income increases over the years imposed by the government continue to fall below inflation, which means that over the years workers’ real income is eroding.

On the other hand the GPL cannot get its act together and seem quite content to rectify their inefficiencies by passing on the burden to the consumers.

Protest action in West Ruimveldt to a GPL disconnection exercise is symptomatic of a combination of the above.

It was heartening to see that the Guyana Trades Union Congress is speaking out against a further imposition on the electricity tariff. Workers cannot afford to pay more on anything.

They are already under pressure with VAT, increased prices in the market, increased prices at the gas station and increased prices in almost every good or service that is considered a necessity.

If the Trades Union Congress does not support an increase in electricity prices we expect that Mr. Carvil Duncan, the trade unionist on the GPL Board, will vote against this. In the past during Mr. Duncan’s presidency of the TUC, the TUC protested by picketing the GPL in Main Street and Mr. Duncan was subsequently appointed a member of the GPL Board by the Office of the President. This very GPL board instituted an increase on workers.

Yours faithfully,

Walter Sam

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