The dangerous Linden highway can deter visitors

Dear Editor,

I refer to a letter by Emile Mervin captioned “Unlit parked trucks on the highway present a tremendous traffic hazard” (07.10.17). I would like to build on the letter by mentioning the following:

The relevant administrations should be aware that on top of lives being affected, there is an economic consideration to this highway issue. The Linden community stages a number of tourism based events that appeal to local and overseas patrons. After journeying to the mining town to support these events, many of the visitors begin their return commute in the evening. It is no coincidence that most of the accidents occur at night.

This is when visibility is compromised because of the lack of lighting along the road. If a psychological fear of highway safety is in the minds of potential visitors, it can negatively impact tourism revenue for the region.

I speak from personal experience as a patron of the 2007 Linden Town day festivities. Myself and other overseas guests had an uneventful journey to the town to partake in the celebrations. Later in the evening, during our return commute, the consequence of the lack of lighting became horribly apparent as we had to rely solely on the car’s headlights for guidance. Then about fifteen minutes out of Linden, our vehicle experienced a tyre blow-out. I cannot begin to tell you how dangerous it was attempting to change the tyre in the pitch darkness.

We were very mindful of the danger posed by approaching vehicles and had several close encounters at having our car rear-ended.

Our disabled vehicle had become a sitting target and it was a frightening experience that I do not wish to ever repeat.

Yours faithfully,

Berkeley Van Bowen

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