Cut off for late payment three months before

Dear Editor,

When I returned from work on Wednesday afternoon I was informed by my neighbour that my electricity had been disconnected. The next day I went to GPL to enquire what was going on, only to be told by the clerk that three months ago I had paid after the due date, hence the disconnection.

What utter nonsense. Can GPL deliver what they are asking for? The countless blackouts without any warning nor an apology afterwards, rushing home to see your favourite programme only to find a blackout in the area the whole day and I can go on and on about the many disruptions caused to consumers.

Most, if not all Guyanese try to survive with the meagre pittance called wages/salaries from pay cheque to pay cheque so when that is late are we to suffer for that too.

GPL needs to put its house in order.

Yours faithfully,

Ingrid Archer

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