New Amsterdam Multilateral celebrates its achievements

Dear Editor,

The New Amsterdam Multilateral Senior Secondary School, in fine style, held its 20th Graduation and Prize-Giving Exercise on Thursday, November 1, 2007, in the school’s multi- purpose hall.

The event was graced with the presence of Regional Education Officer of Region Six Ms Shafiran Bhajan; Regional Executive Officer of Region Six Mr Dennis Kissoon and former Headmaster of the school, the legendary Mr Elton Lewis, among other esteemed guests.

In the headmaster’s report, Mr Nateshwar Barran said that the school has faced “tremendous difficulties and challenges”. He made note of some of the needs of the premier institution, which included: textbooks, equipment for laboratories, technical drawing tools, theatre arts projectors and other audio-visual equipment, etc.

He said that the school has made English Literature ‘B’ mandatory at the CXC level, and that the Language department must be commended for that fruitful initiative.

It was revealed at the graduation that NAMS was designated the 3rd best secondary school in Guyana, just behind Queen’s College and Bishop’s High School.

Regional Education Officer Ms Bhajan, in delivering her guest speaker’s remarks said, “This is the Region’s elite secondary school, all because students aim for high academic excellence”.

She noted that the senior secondary school ranked 5th out of 135 secondary schools in Guyana in the Positive Growth Index Rate. She also boasted that the top school in Regions Five and Six received the highest number of Grade Twos in the country (400). Another mark of the school’s excellent delivery of the curriculum rested in the fact, according to the REDO, that the school’s internal efficiency ranking stood at 92%. There were 100% passes in Theatre Arts and Physical Education, and the officer noted that there had been less students who repeated classes.

Her address focused on ‘attitude’. She said that ‘attitude’ is the most important word in the English language. She stressed the importance of good attitudes in the world of work. She noted that in acquiring most jobs, 85% of getting that job depends on one’s attitude and only 15% depends on one’s qualifications. She challenged workers everywhere to examine their attitudes in their places of work.

Mr Elton Lewis, former HM, in delivering the charge to the graduands said, “You (the graduands) have believed; you have achieved.”

He made reference to the school’s motto: ‘Progress through Co-operation’. “Indeed we have seen great progress through co-operation of so many: the staff, Ministry of Education, Department of Education, Regional Administration, parents and indeed the entire community,” he said.

“I wish this co-operation can permeate the entire society.”

He charged the graduands to not think that they’ve ‘arrived’, so to speak, but to strive for higher achievements. “Continue to do greater things,” he said.

He urged them to never forget the institution that moulded them and to take with them the best Multi had to offer them. “Demonstrate your love and kindness to others; that will take you a long way; I urge you to resolutely pursue your goals in life,” he mentioned.

“Keep focused; be disciplined; be dedicated; be true ambassadors of this noble institution,” he charged those graduating.

Many students received trophies for their outstanding performances at CXC and CAPE exams, including the valedictorian Mr Adrian Srikishen who gained 11 Grade Ones.

I am sure that under the present headships of Mr N Barran and Jackie Benn New Amsterdam Multilateral will continue to aim for success.

Yours faithfully,

Leon Jameson Suseran

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