The PNCR must not be ambivalent in the fight against crime

Dear Editor,

The opposition party headed by Mr. Corbin and backed by Mr. Norton just doesn’t seem to know which side of the street to walk on.

Guyanese are aware that in the past some elements of the PNC had embraced the criminal elements in Buxton as freedom fighters. Now they want to cast the blame on the government for the state of Buxton.

The PNC should know by now that they can’t want to eat their pudding and have it at the same time. They must join in the fight against the criminals terrorizing not just Buxton, but the country. They should start by not trying to hoodwink the Guyanese public with their claim that the government is neglecting Buxtonians and farmers. The party leader needs to come clean and have the common sense to lay the blame for what is happening in Buxton where it is due.

The real demise for Buxtonians was due to criminal elements. It is really unfortunate the hardworking and innocent folks in Buxton have been held to ransom for so long by criminal elements.

But worse than this is that the law enforcers have been opposed at every turn by the PNC and its cohorts. It is rather unfortunate also that Mr. Hamilton Green, a veteran politician, wants the policemen to handle these hard core criminals with kid gloves. Criminal force must be met with the full legal force of the law.

Now is the time to root out the hardcore criminals in Buxton and everywhere else in the country, with the support of the government, and the opposition PNC. The whole country should embrace the campaign in the fight against crime. Let the voices of the decent opposition members ring true in the fight against crime.

Finally just as the laws have been updated to deal with traffic lawlessness let the fines and punishment for crimes and criminals be updated as well. For starters every crime should carry a minimum of five years.

Yours faithfully,


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