Several daily blackouts in Berbice

Dear Editor,

Berbicians for the past couple of weeks have been getting rolling blackouts throughout the day and various areas for several hours each afternoon way into the night.

So far no official from the power company has come forward to give an explanation of what is causing the power outages.

A cross section of villages, towns and settlements in East and West Berbice are faced with sometimes three, four and up to five blackouts daily.

There were rumours that the power company is currently ‘hooking up’ its systems to the Skeldon Sugar Factory to generate more power to the grid, however, this is not so. Apparently, the company, once again is encountering problems with their engines.

Here are my questions for the company: Don’t you think it would be a good idea to inform your customers about the current problem? Has there been any consideration to publish load- shedding schedules in the newspapers, etc? Are there plans to acquire new sets either from Georgetown or overseas?

The company was doing so well throughout the past year. It is unfortunate that now, as the festive season is approaching, this had to happen.

Yours faithfully.

Leon Jameson Suseran

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