Minibuses can be strengthened locally

Dear Editor,

The restoration of local bus services can go a long way towards alleviating some of the problems associated with the current arrangements.

Heavy dependence on a minibus which is not designed for heavy duty predisposes a silent drain on resources for maintenance and repair, and the ever present threat to life and limb.

Modern buses no longer need a truck type chassis for construction. Structural integrity is amply provided by a welded tubular frame. A rear cavity allows for the installation of the engine/transmission package. Axles, brake, steering and electrical systems complete the major components.

This can be done locally. Importation is not the answer, since this also represents a drain on foreign exchange, plus the added uncertainty.

A successful effort can stimulate the internal economy, provide opportunity for technicians, welders, seat manufacturers, etc. Rides can be provided using a ticket system instead of cash fares, and air conditioning can also be added optimally. This add-on only requires an A/C compressor driven by the engine, and a blower to force the air into the passenger compartment.

This could be an opportune time to look at this issue, since rigid implementation of the new traffic laws will inevitably lead to the departure of marginal operators.

Reliable transportation is a long established pillar of progress in any society, and every effort should be made to keep it viable.

Yours faithfully,

Patrick Scott

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