Goodluck wins Crown Mining Shield shoot

Ransford Goodluck with 103 points out of a possible 105 won last Sunday’s Crown Mining Shield when the Guyana National Rifle Association (GNRA) ran off its weekly shoot at the Timehri Rifle ranges.

Goodluck scored a possible at the 600 yards but dropped one point each at the 300 and 500-yard ranges, scoring 14 V Bulls in the process under very windy conditions.

National captain Mahendra Persaud was second with 102 points and 11 V-Bulls. He recorded 34 points with 4 V-Bulls at the 300-yard range, 33 points with two V-Bulls at 500 yards and scored a possible 35 with five V-Bulls at 600 yards.

Third place went to Richard “Dickie” Fields who scored 100 points with seven V Bulls 34:4, 34:2 and 32.0, followed by his son Dylan who also recorded 100 points with six V-Bulls – 32:2, 34:3 and 34.1 in fourth place.

Terry Stuart also recorded 100 points with 5 V-Bulls followed by Ryan Sampson with 98 points and 9 V-bulls; Claude Duguid 98 points 6 V-Bulls; Charles Deane 98-5; Dane Blair 95-6 and Paul Slowe 93-5.

The shooters will be in action again on Sunday for the NRA Silver Medal starting at 11:00 h.

Competition will be over 300, 600 and 900-yard ranges and this will be the final weekly shoot before the National Championships slated for November 11, 17 and 18 at the Timehri ranges.

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