Caribbean Cougars maul Guyana O-35s 10-0

The visiting Caribbean Cougars Rugby Over-35 players of the United States with the help of a few younger friends scored a 10-0 win over Guyana Over-35 team in their feature match played Tuesday at the National Park rugby field.

The team which comprises Caribbean nationals including Guyanese, Jamaicans and Trinidadians in New York arrived last Thursday as guests of Yamaha Caribs as part of their 15th Anniversary celebrations.

Two local players Walter George and Albert La Rose who were injected into the squad scored one try each for the Cougars in an entertaining showdown.

Hilbourne Gumbs, spokesman for Cougars said that apart from the clash with the Guyana Over-35 side, the team is sponsoring a Junior Development Rugby programme planned for today and tommorow at the National Park.

According to Gumbs, the Cougars who last visited Guyana two years ago decided to sponsor the programme in conjunction with the Carib club after they were approached by the local club. They will be presenting trophies, medals and other equipment to the participants of the two-day programme.

He said Cougars team was founded 20 years ago by Guyanese Bovell Ogle who is here with the 14-man delegation.

The side also includes Lionel Bingham, Anthony Cooper, Albert Straker, Terrance Braithwaite, Mark Webster, Norman Maxwell, Courtney Simon, Wilfred Neblett, Goodluck Douglas, Lockley Browell and George David who is an international rugby referee.

Some members of the team played for Trinidad and Tobago Enthusiasts Over-35 in their 29-10 losing cause against Guyana Over-35 last Saturday.

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