Wildfire Productions:

A group of young creative minds headed by businessman Jonathan Beepat have managed to build what could be considered a firm foundation in Guyanese entertainment industry over the last year.

The group has demonstrated that they are committed to helping young, upcoming artistes, as time and again during their short existence they have plucked young, talented artistes from the sea of unknowns and introduced their talents to the Guyanese public.

As their one year anniversary fast approaches, the members of Wildfire Productions will have much to celebrate, as in the last few months they have staged several successful shows which have created a buzz in the entertainment industry.

The company has taken local singers Malo – the reigning Carib Soca Monarch – Fojo, Typheon and Gailiani – a Hip Hop artist – under its wing, and these performers have been gaining recognition for the lyrics they sing. Before being nurtured by the company, Typheon and Gailiani, unlike the other names, were not known in the entertainment industry.

According to the group, since they officially began functioning as a unit in December 2006, they have been ‘silently’ contributing to national entertainment development and have been successful in making an impact.

Since there is a growing demand for entertainment worldwide, the company believed that Guyana was a prime, fresh location that was ideally situated to offer alternative and affordable attractions to domestic and international tourists and artistes. Thus the formation of the company.

“Seeing that Guyana is one of the Caribbean communities that does not have a thriving indigenous entertainment industry, we found that possibilities abound to raise the standards and further awaken a relatively sleeping giant of a new industry that will ripple to the economic benefits of all,” were the sentiments expressed by the company.

The group, which comprises young adults, said they have realized that Guyana “is full of potential and talented youth who have a natural proclivity for the arts, and we believe that we can help to develop this into something positive for Guyana’s image internationally, while boosting interest in what Guyana has to serve up at the international level.”

They have not taken the international market by storm yet, but the impact that the company and its artistes are having on the local scene is phenomenal, and shows that they have the potential to reach the next level.

Since this is a country filled with youths, instead of shying away from an industry that holds great potential for them to express themselves and be rewarded, Wildfire Productions have welcomed it with open arms.

In terms of the artistes they are managing, the company says that realizing your dream as an artiste is hard and tedious work, but they are here to help market and package those artistes as best as they can and guide them along a successful path.

The first major event management project that the company undertook was the three-day Alison Hinds and D’ Hitman Impulsive concert tour staged at Uitvlugt, the Georgetown Cricket Club, Bourda and Skeldon Community Centre Ground, which all drew large crowds.

Wildfire is currently preparing for the Inferno Concert at the GCC Ground next Saturday where four international artistes – Brick and Lace, Baby Sham, Munga Honourable and Mims will be performing.

Beepat, together with his wife Farah, as well as Fidal and Hala Bassier, Anil Singh, Christopher Lowe, Ian Jardine, Jermaine Softley, Warren Williams and Vijay Panday have all been instrumental in making a name for this company which will be around for many many more years to come, they have promised.

The man

behind Wildfire

Twenty-seven year old Director of the Beepat Company, Jonathan Beepat, is the proud founder of the Wildfire Productions Company.

Before the formation of this company, Jonathan managed the Supligen Basketball All Star weekend which has now become a regular feature in the sporting arena. It was very successful, and realizing that there was potential in the local entertainment industry, Jonathan decided to take a shot at it. He was not scared of venturing into this new world, since entertainment has always been one of his passions.

Recently, Jonathan told The Scene that “entertainment is an avenue that a lot of youths follow, and I feel that I can add to constructing that.”

He said that being a youth himself, he was always fascinated with the arts as well as entertainment, and described it as more a hobby than a business.

He said that this industry is a changing one and they have been faced with several challenges, but they were strong enough to pull through.

“With the emergence of new studios and persons who were willing to sing, I saw there was an opportunity to develop an industry which can potentially reap a lot of rewards for Guyana,” Jonathan told The Scene.

Besides the four main artistes currently attached to the company, Wildfire has taken on two female rock singers and an R& B dancehall female singer, who have not yet penetrated the local music industry.

Asked about the different types of music from the artistes they manage, Jonathan told The Scene that he goes for any flavour “because of the make-up of the Guyanese culture and the value that it

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