The City Council says that  it is now ready to replace the  culvert which collapsed and caused a portion of the road on Middleton Street to cave in three weeks ago.

The collapsed culvert
The collapsed culvert

Public Relations Officer Royston King said in a press release yesterday that  a part of the road on Middleton Street had caved in due to a culvert which had collapsed at that junction, and since then the appropriate size of culvert has only now become available and they are ready to replace it.

“The City Engineer’s Department  had advised that the Middleton Street canal is vital to the drainage  in Newtown and Bel Air Park (and) the technical staff was not comfortable with beginning the work on that road until the culvert was available because it could have resulted in protracted interruption to the drainage system in that section,” the release stated.

The council, however, is concerned  that some persons have been interfering with the barriers which were put in place as a protective measure to prevent accidents and  is calling on persons to desist.

The council also expressed thanks to all citizens and particularly the local community for their patience and understanding in light of the delay in correcting the situation.

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