Illegal Guyanese immigrant admits sex offences in Belfast

-faces life sentence
(BBC) An illegal immigrant has admitted raping one woman and attacking two others in Belfast within the space of 48-hours in 2007.
Ryan Subryan is originally from Guyana in South America, but was living at Dunmurry Lane in south Belfast.

The 25-year-old, described in Belfast Crown Court as a sexual predator, admitted a total of seven offences.
Mr Justice Hart, who remanded Subryan in custody, warned him he was considering a life sentence.

A Crown prosecutor revealed that in the first incident, Subryan forced a Polish woman into his car and held her against her will as she walked home from a city centre bar on June 28.

The victim left the Stiff Kitten in the Dublin Road area and was walking in the direction of the Lisburn Road when she was approached by a man asking if she was going to a party.

She walked on but several minutes later she noticed a car with the same man behind the wheel driving slowly beside her.

The driver – later identified as Subryan – told her to get in the car as it was unsafe walking on her own before bundling her into the passenger seat. Whilst in the vehicle he produced a gun and held it to her head, telling her he was going to kill her.

She was held in the car against her will for about 20 minutes but she managed to escape and ran into a nearby alleyway where she rang her boyfriend. The following evening, on 29 June, the second of Subryan’s victims was in the Skye nightclub with her friend when she met the accused.

At some point, she realised she had lost her phone and Subryan offered to held her look for it. He rang the number then told the woman a “bogus story” about someone at another nightclub having her mobile.

Subryan offered to drive her to the other venue to retrieve the phone, but he instead drove to the docklands where he indecently assaulted the woman and tried to have sex with her in the early hours of 30 June.

A Crown prosecutor said that Subryan “threatened that if she didn’t have sex, he would put a gun to her head and shoot her”.

She got out of the car in a “distressed state” and the alarm was raised when she met a couple coming from the Odyssey Arena, one of whom heard her say ‘he tried to rape me’.

About 30 minutes later, a woman was walking home from a birthday party when a  man approached her in the Albert Bridge area and told her she was beautiful.

She was subsequently knocked out on the street and when she came round, she realised she had been raped.
Subryan was linked to the rape by DNA evidence.

When the father-of-two was arrested he initially denied all the charges put to him but has since pleaded guilty to two counts of threats to kill, kidnapping, assault with intent to rape, indecent assault, rape and assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

“This activity, over a period of less than 48 hours, has shown a clear predatory aspect to his defendant’s behaviour,” said a Crown prosecutor.
“The consequences of his actions have been very severe and keenly felt by the victims in this case.”

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