English potatoes scarce, price shoots up

English potatoes, in short supply in and around Georgetown since early last week grew even scarcer over the weekend and the retail price has shot up.

This newspaper visited the Stabroek and Bourda Markets yesterday where vendors explained that all they have been told by their suppliers so far was that there has been some delay in clearance on the part of the Customs and Trade Administration and that a shipment of potatoes which had arrived was still lodged at the wharf. One vendor at Bourda said that according to information he had received; the potatoes had arrived in the country since last Friday but is awaiting clearance.

Meanwhile, sales representatives of wholesale outlet IMEX International located at Middle Street, Georgetown told this newspaper that “indeed there is a shortage of potatoes which is due to the delay in vessel.” They said they were expecting a shipment at 8 pm yesterday.

The reports at the supermarkets were no different. Sales personnel at Nigel’s and floor supervisor at the busy downtown Bounty Meat Centre explained that they were told by their suppliers that there was a delay in the vessel transporting potatoes to Guyana.

There were no potatoes at Bonny’s Supermarket on Church Street but representatives there seemed not to know why.

Meanwhile, some sellers who had a limited supply of the commodity had yesterday increased their prices from $100 and 120 per pound to $160, $180 and $200 per pound.

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