City Council upping anti-littering campaign

The Mayor and City Council is urging citizens to dispose of litter in the appropriate manner as it has intensified its anti-littering campaign in the city.

In a press release the Council said last month several persons were put before the court for littering city streets, parapets and public thoroughfares. Weston Hamilton served eight days in prison after being unable to pay the $8,000 fine imposed on him for littering. Additionally, Shazim Mohammed was fined $5,000, Adrian Carew $7,000 and Mark Chester and Clive Williams $20,000. The maximum fine for littering is $10,000.

The Council said it is concerned that persons continue to flout the litter laws and pollute the environment. In order to stem this behaviour it plans to embark on an intense public education programme to encourage citizens to practice healthy habits.

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