Insurgents kill 11 peacekeepers in Somalia

MOGADISHU, (Reuters) – Islamist insurgents killed 11  Burundi soldiers in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu yesterday in the  deadliest attack on an African Union peacekeeping force.

The African Union said a compound housing troops from  Burundi had been targeted by mortar bombs. Islamist insurgents  said two suicide bombers, one in a car packed with explosives,  had carried out the attacks.

“These attacks have reached today an unprecedented level,  resulting in the killing of 11 Burundian soldiers, while 15  others have sustained serious injuries,” the African Union said  in a statement.

A loud explosion shook the compound yesterday morning.  Witnesses said they had seen a car speeding towards the gate and  then heard a blast and saw plumes of smoke rising into the air.
The 3,500-strong African Union force also comprises troops  from Uganda.

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