UK funding sun power for NARI

The National Agricultural Research Institute (NARI) is soon to benefit from a $6M donation of solar-powered lighting from the British High Commission to aid night work at the farm.

According to a press release the high commission will be providing seven solar-powered lamps that will remove the need for electric lighting and the back-up generator. The lamps should be handed over to NARI by mid-April. They are being supplied and fitted by Farfan and Mendes.

The high commission said the provision of solar-powered lamps supports the UK’s efforts to help diversify agriculture here, particularly the Texel/Texana sheep programme that continues to make significant progress.

It will also reduce NARI’s energy bill and overall, is consistent with the UK’s wider assistance to the realisation of President Bharrat Jagdeo’s low carbon development vision for Guyana.

British High commissioner Fraser Wheeler said, “I strongly believe that the diversification of agriculture holds the best economic prospect for Guyana in the short to medium term.” He said too Guyana has a real competitive edge and he believes that “large-scale investment can be attracted here if the right conditions are created.” Wheeler said too the initiative is in keeping with the president’s regional agricultural plan.

In 2007 the high commission agreed with agriculture minister Robert Persaud that the UK could add most direct value to the diversification of agriculture by focusing support on livestock genetics and aquaculture. The high commission works closely with the ministry, NARI and the Guyana Trade and Investment Support project to realise those plans.

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