GECOM will have to cut its coat according to its cloth – PM

Opposition Leader Robert Corbin queried whether the amounts allocated for GECOM would be enough for the body to carry out its constitutional function of holding local government elections in addition to providing identification cards to the citizens. During last week’s debate, Corbin had expressed concerns about the apparent insufficient budgetary allotment for GECOM that would enable the body to hold local government elections and to offset expenses involved in this exercise.

In response Hinds said that the money was sufficient but explained that the financial situation of the country required cutting back on expenditure in certain sectors. He described the situation relating to this specific expenditure as being a case where the suit was being cut in keeping with the cloth provided.

AFC Leader Raphael Trotman questioned Hinds about the specifics of the $90 million that was budgeted for field materials and supplies. The Prime Minister explained that this money will be used to acquire life jackets, torchlights and other gear to equip the officers from the 27 registration offices countrywide. This, he explained, will be part of the process to update finalized voters lists and to hold elections.

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