Security system repels would-be bandits

Three `customers’ one of whom was armed with a handgun yesterday failed to execute a robbery at Universal Travel and Tour Company at High Street, as they could not penetrate the security system and eventually fled when an alarm was raised.

Workers at the company, which had fallen victim to criminals last year when gunmen escaped with cash and cheques, were still visibly shaken when Stabroek News arrived shortly after the incident.
From the accounts received three persons, including a woman went to the office under the pretext that they wanted to transact business.

Following last year’s robbery and several other attempts to break into the building, security was enhanced in such a way that potential customers first have to be scanned and then pass through two doors, which are usually kept locked.

However, before the guard could scan them, one of the men pulled out a gun, while another made his way into a small passageway between the two doors, but could go no further.

By this time, those inside including staff and workers conducting some minor repairs noticed what was happening outside and sounded the alarm; the robbers fled.

The security guard told the media the fleeing would-be bandits ran west into Barrack Street. He was later told by someone that they jumped into a car and drove off.

Meanwhile the manager, who did not want to be named, said he was disappointed in the MMC security service, which arrived some 20 minutes after the panic button was pressed.

The company has been operating at the High Street located for over ten years.

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