ERC in solidarity with Alexander Village mandir

The Ethnic Relations Com-mission (ERC) is appealing for greater sensitivity and responsible behaviour by persons to avoid disrupting the peace and sanctity of the Deepavali activity at the Alexander Village Vishnu Mandir on Saturday.

Any disruptive behaviour will affect the participation of hundreds of persons in the significant festival of lights, it said.
The ERC noted also that Deepavali is observed as a holy day by the Hindu community and all Guyanese should treat this day as a holy day, a news release stated yesterday.

The Commission said the devotees  of the Alexander Village Vishnu  Mandir had brought to its attention that their village and mandir have been invaded and attacked annually during the sacred  festival of Deepavali by non-Hindus and outsiders.  The ERC in strongly condemning this action called on  Guyanese to practise religious tolerance at all times and respect the culture and beliefs of all religions.
The Commission also extended  Deepavali greetings to all Guyanese, particularly members of the Hindu community.

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