Police still to contact torture teen on ID parade

Up to yesterday, they had not seen the police, Shirley Thomas, the mother of the boy said. She said that her son’s stepfather plans to visit the police station today. Police Commissioner Henry Greene had said days after the incident was exposed that the culprits had not yet been identified by the teen and the investigators are working on that aspect of the case before bringing charges.

The teen was released from the Georgetown Public Hospital on Friday, after spending 14 days there.
Two policemen, Sergeant Narine Lall and Constable Mohanram Dolai have been charged with wounding Deonarine Rafick and Nouravie Wilfred, two men who were held along with the boy.

There were no charges in relation to the injuries the teen had sustained. The policemen were released on bail, also on Friday after an application to the High Court.
Wilfred, Rafick and the teen had been arrested following the murder of retired Region Three vice-chairman Ramenaught Bisram.

A wounded and battered Rafick has since been charged with the murder and remanded to prison, while Wilfred was released after having been in custody for a week.

The teen had been severely burnt in his genital area and it was only after the case was reported in the media that he was taken to the hospital. A police report on the torture of the teen is expected to be released this week.

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