Monthly rental for GT&T customers in Essequibo should be waived

Dear Editor,
Until such time as GT&T can provide an efficient landline service to customers in Region 2, which stretches from Pomeroon to Supenaam, the monthly rental being charged now should be waived because of the constant defects in the new system. Even after a year since it was introduced, improvements are not much in evidence with much inconvenience being endured by customers who have to pay for a defective service. All along, the same problems keep recurring, while the company has difficulty implementing corrective measures.

On December 9, last, I visited the Anna Regina Exchange where a special team from Georgetown was assigned to deal with customers’ complaints, but it was just useless going there. Since that day till now, only precious time and travelling money have been wasted as no one from GT&T showed any concern about my complaint, probably because of the company’s monopoly here in a can’t-do-better situation. Competition is always good.

Residents in this district are well known for being complacent, with many other customers as well being faced with the same predicament.
Yours faithfully,
Baliram Persaud

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